Residential Solar Systems

Your home, your castle – give yourself power!

Whether you are looking to go off-grid, have the power security that a battery back-up provides, lower your power bills through self-consumption of the power you generate, or sell power to the grid, we can help.

Experience the satisfaction of using the limitless, impact-free resource that costs you nothing, the sun, to meet your energy goals.

From our headquarters in sunny Nelson, we can design solar power systems for all budgets and needs nationwide.

As a SEANZ Member and Authorised Provider, a quote provided from us is eligible to be included in a loan application from your bank under their sustainable loan programme.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Seeking the independence of being off-grid? Is it going to be expensive to install a grid connection?

An off-grid solar system gives you the independence and, in many instances, is a cost effective alternative to the grid.

Since it was established in 2006, Current Generation has specialised in providing off-grid power solutions to its customers.

We are the one-stop shop, not only will we design and install the primary system, we also stock and install back-up generators.

We also regularly upgrade existing hydro, wind or solar installations to increase capacity and improve reliability.

Grid-Tie Solar Systems

For many of us, grid-tie (having solar that integrates seamlessly with a grid connection) is the best, most cost-effective option.

With the improvement in the affordability, efficiency and quality of solar technology, a grid-tie system makes financial sense over the lifetime of the system for almost any lifestyle.

A grid-tie system will prioritise your own household energy needs (including hot water or EV charging).

Any excess produced can then be sold back to an energy retailer for up to 17c per kWh (Meridian Solar Plan – Feb 2024).

A grid-tie system also provides you with some security against future energy prices.

Grid-tie with ESS (energy storage system)

Shelter from the Storm!

Arguably the best of all worlds for energy security, day-to-day you have both the grid and solar feeding your household power needs, but if the grid goes out, you carry on with the PV solar and batteries continuing to operate.

The inclusion of a battery in a grid-tie system allows you to maximise the use of the power you generate, and switch to an independent system if the grid fails you.

The likes of the Fronius Gen24 series of inverters, matched with the BYD HV line of battery, provides an elegant solution to increasing your self-sufficiency and security.

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