Solar Panels

Where the magic happens, photovoltaic (PV) panels capture that free, limitless, zero impact energy source that falls upon your property, allowing you to power your daily needs.

The silicon cells within the panels create direct current (DC) electricity, which, with the help of an inverter, can be feed into your household needs. Or you can sell any excess back to your power retailer to help offset your bills (or even make money).

Phono Solar PV panels

For over a decade we have stocked the Phono Solar PV panels.
These provide a great balance of quality, performance and value.

Phono Solar is a Tier 1 manufacturer, as assessed by Bloomberg, being part of a Fortune 500 group,
and has numerous awards for the quality and performance of its panels, including being rated as a top performer
by PV Evolution Labs from Napa, California, one of the industry standards for testing, the last three years.

Phono Solar panels come with a 25 year performance warranty and a 12 year manufacturing warranty.

Phono Solar Twinplus Module Series

Outstanding Product Performance

  • 21.0% efficiency (410W module)
  • Competitive high-temperature performance with ameliorated temperature coefficient
  • Superior performance when shaded
  • Nominal operating cell temperature of 45 ± 2°C in ‘standardised’ conditions (20°C ambient temperature)
  • Higher power generation capability due to multi-busbar and half-cut technology

25-year Performance Warranty

  • Guaranteed to still produce 84.8% of stated power output after 25-years (versus 80% market standard)

12-year Manufacturing Warranty

Dimensions (h x w x d) – 1722 x 1134 x 30mm

Weight – 21.5kg

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