EV Chargers

Do you own or are you thinking about an electric vehicle (EV)? Want to generate the electrons to power it yourself?

The Fronius WattPilot and Victron EV Charging Station chargers both deliver up to 22kW of charging power (7.3kW on a single phase system) while integrating with your solar system.

While these EV chargers work perfectly well connected to the grid, they are in a league of their own when also integrating with solar.

Their smart charging functionality ensures you maximise the kilometres you get out of the power you are generating, while not leaving the household short.

Naturally, everything can be monitored and controlled real-time through your phone via the Fronius Solar.Web or Victron VRM app, respectively.

Fronius WattPilot

The electric car charging solution that always provides the cheapest charging.
Whether at home or on the move, with a PV system or not: the Fronius Wattpilot
charges your customers’ electric cars more flexibly and intelligently than ever before.

Fronius WattPilot

The Fronius WattPilot provides up to 22 kW of charging capacity when integrated into a three phase system; or 7.36kW on single phase supply.

It can be mounted indoors or out, and, as you’d expect, integrates particularly well with Fronius inverters.

The WattPilot offers sustainable charging with solar power or green electricity from the grid; this helps you slow down climate change a little bit.

Fronius Wattpilot. Designed to move.

Victron Energy EV Charger

The EV Charging Station from Victron Energy, an EV car charger specifically
designed for the home market to complement their off-grid energy solutions.

Victron Energy EV Charger

The EV Charging Station has three-phase and single-phase capabilities. It delivers a maximum of 22kW in three-phase or 7.3kW in single-phase mode.

The EV Charging Station can be fully integrated with and remotely controlled via a Victron Energy GX Device and VRM.

Fully programmable to optimise power demands between your household needs, battery storage, EV and even selling back to the grid, if grid-tied.

The NS model (pictured) has optional faceplates allowing you to choose between Victron blue, black or white.

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