Batteries and Solar Storage

Whether you’re off-grid, wanting a back-up system or want power you’ve generated available to you at later on, batteries give you fantastic flexibility.

Battery technology and value for money has come a long way in the last few years, driven by the explosion in EVs.

While still an option, lead acid (flooded or sealed) and lead gel batteries are no longer generally the first option for
household or commercial applications.

Batteries using lithium chemistry are now used in the majority of installations, generally having a longer life (more ‘cycles’),
higher energy density (take up less room), faster charging and lower-to-zero maintenance requirements

Given the technological advancements and improved value, there has never been a better time to consider investing in
battery storage to help you meet your energy goals.

Battery-Box Official Supplier

BYD has developed market leading battery storage solutions suitable for any application. The modular low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) lines provide unparalleled flexibility for any residential or commercial purpose.


We exclusively stock BYD batteries – more recently making a lot of noise as the world’s largest maker of EVs,
their batteries have long been recognised as the best in the business.

The low (LVS and LVL) and high voltage (HVS and HVM) lines, with their modular design,
provide unparalleled flexibility for household and commercial applications, with storage capacities
range from 2.56kWh right through to a whooping 983kWh.

Unlike some high-profile competitors, all BYD’s market leading products use lithium iron phosphate chemistry,
which maximises safety, life cycle and power while avoiding cobalt and its questionable mining practices.

BYD batteries come with a 10 year warranty.


Part of the award-winning HV line, the HVS provides the highest voltage per module of any of the BYD batteries.

While an excellent all-around battery, particularly for grid-tie systems, the extra kick is great for applications that have high start-up loads.

2 to 5 HVS battery modules can be connected in series in one ‘Battery-Box’ (stack), providing 5.1 to 12.8 kWh of capacity.

Additionally, connection of up to 3 identical HVS Battery-Boxes allows a maximum capacity of 38.4 kWh.

If you want to start out smaller, the ability to scale by adding HVS modules or HVS Battery-Boxes later is always there.

Along with the HVM model, and as the result of substantial collaboration between Fronius and BYD, the HVS model is one of the only batteries that integrates with the Fronius Gen24 range of inverters when operating as a hybrid (do-it-all) grid-tie inverter.

You will require a BYD Battery Control Unit & Base (BCU) per ‘Battery Box’ (stack of up to 5 modules).


The other part of the fantastic duo of high voltage batteries produced by BYD.

While the HVM runs lower voltages per module (still ‘high-voltage’), it has a little more capacity per module and can be configured to provide significantly more storage.

3 to 8 HVM battery modules can be connected in series in one ‘Battery-Box’ (stack), providing 8.3 to 22.1 kWh of capacity.

As with the HVS, the ability to increase your storage capacity later by adding HVM modules or HVM Battery-Boxes is always there.

Along with the HVS, the HVM model is one of the only batteries that integrates with the Fronius Gen24 range of inverters in hybrid (do-it-all) mode.

You will require a BYD Battery Control Unit & Base (BCU) per ‘Battery Box’ (stack of up to 8 modules).


Our go-to battery, can be deployed in grid-tie battery back-up or off-grid systems.

It combines seamlessly with a wide range of inverters, and works with single or three phase inverters

Thanks to BYD and Victron’s close collaboration, the compatibility with Victron inverters is outstanding.

Its modular design allows effectively limitless flexibility for most applications, being scalable from 4 to 256 kWh.

You will require a BYD Battery Management Unit (BMU) to manage the whole system and one Power Distribution Unit (PDU) per ‘Battery Box’ (stack of up to 6 modules).


If you want to maximise storage capacity, the LVL is likely the battery for you.

Sharing most attributes with the LVS such as inverter compatibility, while coming in a larger 15.4 kWh format.

The LVL model provides you with battery storage solutions all the way up to 983kWh (64 units).

As with all models of BYD batteries, you have the ability to add in more units at a later date.

You will require a BYD Battery Management Unit (BMU) alongside your LVL batteries.

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