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We install the best products the industry has to offer, exclusively using manufacturers such as BYD, Fronius, Victron and PhonoSolar. Our many years of experience with these brands gives us unparalleled technical know-how when it comes to design and installation.


Whether you’re off-grid, wanting a back-up system or want power you’ve generated available to you at later on, batteries give you fantastic flexibility.

Battery technology and value for money has come a long way in the last few years, driven by the explosion in EVs.

While still an option, lead acid (flooded or sealed) and lead gel batteries are no longer generally the first option for
household or commercial applications.

Batteries using lithium chemistry are now used in the majority of installations, generally having a longer life (more 'cycles'),
higher energy density (take up less room), faster charging and lower-to-zero maintenance requirements

Given the technological advancements and improved value, there has never been a better time to consider investing in
battery storage to help you meet your energy goals.


The brains of the system, not only does an inverter invert (turning direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into the alternating current (AC) you use in your house), they can also: control your solar panels; charge and discharge your batteries; integrate a generator or other power generation; export to and import from the grid; and provide you with the information to keep an eye on what’s going on.

So which brands do we install? Fronius and Victron, two of the absolute best brands.

Fronius, of Austrian origin, usually sits atop the list of best inverters in the market. Their latest Gen24 range allows a hybrid upgrade so it can literally do it all - solar controller, battery charger, inverter, grid connection and top-notch monitoring from your phone.

It's European brethren, Victron, harking from The Netherlands, has long been recognised as one of the highest quality and most flexible inverters available. You will find Victron equipment being used for marine and mobile applications, through to some of the largest residential and commercial systems. The go-to inverter for off-grid systems, it is also fantastic when integrated into grid-tie systems with both the Multiplus II and EasySolar II ranges being grid compliant.

To make life easier, BYD, Victron and Fronius have all worked together on the compatibility of their products to ensure your system works seamlessly (the Gen24 range of Fronius inverters only works with BYD HV batteries),

Looking for efficient EV charging to maximise your solar? Both Fronius and Victron have you covered.


EV Chargers

Do you own or are you thinking about an electric vehicle (EV)? Want to generate the electrons to power it yourself? The Fronius WattPilot and Victron EV Charging Station EV chargers both deliver up to 22kW of charging power (7.3kW on a single phase system) while integrating with your solar system.

While these EV chargers work perfectly well connected to the grid, they are in a league of their own when integrating with solar. Their smart charging functions ensures you maximise the kilometres you get out of the power you are generating, while not leaving the household short.

Naturally, everything that is happening can be monitored real-time by you through the Fronius or Victron App.


Solar Panels

Where the magic happens, photovoltaic (PV) panels capture that free, limitless, zero impact energy source that falls upon your property, allowing you to power your daily needs.

The silicon cells within the panels create direct current (DC) electricity, which, with the help of an inverter, can be feed into your household needs. Or you can sell any excess back to your power retailer to help offset your bills (or even make money).

For over a decade we have stocked the Phono Solar PV panels. These provide a great balance of quality, performance and value.

Phono Solar is a Tier 1 manufacturer, as assessed by Bloomberg, being part of a Fortune 500 group, and has numerous awards for the quality and performance of its panels, including being rated as a top performer by PV Evolution Labs from Napa, California, one of the industry standards for testing, the last three years.

Phono Solar panels come with a 30 year performance warranty and a 15 year manufacturing warranty.



We have been supplying and installing petrol and diesel generators since 2006.

Generators can provide standby, prime and essential power in a wide range of residential and industrial settings.

Current Generation are a national distributor of PowerLink diesel generators, which feature Perkins, Cummins and Kubota engines and use renowned Stamford and Leroy Somer alternators; models range from 6.6kVA through to 2000kVA.

PowerLink generators are built specifically for the Australian and New Zealand market, and come with worldwide warranties.

We also supply Honda petrol generators for smaller applications.

Whether you are looking for a back-up for your off-grid system or have some other residential or industrial application in mind, we will have a generator that fits the bill.


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