Hot Water Diverters

Hot water diverters allow you to have total control over how and when the power available is used to heat your hot water.

As an example, a hot water diverter can be programmed to use excess power to heat water once all household loads and battery charging is satisfied, but in priority to selling back to the grid.

They can also manage heating times when your solar isn’t producing so you can take advantage of the cheapest tariffs when using power from the grid, and allow for boost heating should your hot water needs be greater on a given day.

As you’d expect, you can keep an eye on what is going on through the great monitoring tolls available.

Fronius OhmPilot

The Fronius Ohmpilot is a consumption regulator that uses the surplus energy from the PV system to heat water in the boiler rather than exporting it to the grid.

It will also manage your water heating to take advantage of lower tariffs at times when the grid is required.

Thanks to the continuously adjustable regulation from 0 to 9 kW, up to 100% of the solar power generated by the PV system can be used, maximising self consumption.

2-year warranty.

MyEnergi Eddi

eddi is an eco-smart energy management system.

It diverts surplus power from solar PV or wind generation to a designated heating appliance such as an immersion heater.

This excess energy will go directly to the appliance (or two sequentially). eddi allows you to stop exporting surplus energy back to the grid and saves you
money on your energy bill.

3.68kW / 16A max heater load.

Internet connected and remote controllable.

3-year warranty.

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