Custom solutions that meet your needs.

We work closely with you to understand your needs,
the potential of your property and any possible challenges.
We will then present you with a bespoke design,
explaining why we believe this is the solution for you.


Whether you are looking to go off-grid, have the power security that a battery back-up provides, lower your power bills through self-consumption of your own generation, or sell power to the grid, we can help.

Experience the satisfaction of using the limitless, impact-free resource that costs you nothing, the sun, to meet your energy goals.

We can design systems for all budgets and needs.

As a SEANZ Member and Authorised Provider, a quote provided from us is eligible to be included in a loan application from your bank under their sustainable loan programme.

Community schemes

If you are a farmer, considering working with your neighbours on a solar installation to help supply all your demands, or a community that wants to work together and take advantage of the benefits of mutualising a solar and storage solution across multiple properties, we can help.

We have the technical expertise to design such systems to work flawlessly, using the best and most appropriate equipment.

An example of a community installation we have recently undertaken is the Te Āwhina Marae in Motueka, where we installed solar to supply 20 whare and the community centre, with significant centralised battery storage to meet the residents consumption needs and provide back-up power to the community centre, allowing it to double as a Civil Defence centre.


The pay-off period for solar in commercial applications is typically very compelling and can be as short as 5-7 years (on an asset that should keep producing for at least 25 years).

Additionally, it lowers your reliance on the grid and exposure to power prices, while providing a sustainability step-change.

Often a point of pride, particularly for employees, make sure you are maximising the resources available to your company.

EV charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay, why not charge them from the sun? Whether you are a home owner who wants the thrill of seeing your car powered by the sun, or a business interested in either powering work vehicles or providing EV charging as a benefit to your employees, come and talk to us about the options.

We can even supply a car port that integrates the solar panels and charger into one slick solution.

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