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Suppliers of Famous Brands  - maintenance free and wet cells and very price competitive.

Now with lithium-ion options 
We are happy to advise what your battery bank size will need to be to meet your requirements, giving you the best performance and price to get the most out of your battery click for our white page study

images-534Sunlight Gel Battery's are built on reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. Their dual container construction and high density materials maximise durability and prevent acid leaks even if the first layer breaks. Sunlight also incorporate their unique Resistox plate which offers more resistance to corrosion to ensure batteries last longer. Available in 2 volt, 4 volt, 6 volt, 8 volt and 12 volt cells with power from 350a/h up to 2430a/h at the 20hr rate.
Sunlight batteries have the highest lead content & state of art manufacturing of any deep cycle battery. This makes Sunlight the battery with the longest useful life available.


trojan 1Trojan Battery offer industry leading deep cycle wet batteries. With over 80 years of experience under their belt they deliver the worlds most reliable and long lasting deep cycle batteries for use in the renewable energy market. The batteries come in 6 volt, 8 volt and 12 volt sizes and range in power from 85a/h to 450a/h. Trojan battery's durability, longevity and proven technology means you can depend on the batteries for consistent performance in any application.

raylite 1Raylite M-Solar cells produce more than 2 million batteries annually to power not only solar applications but a whole host of applications ranging from automotive to telecommunications. Battery power ranges from 530a/h up to 1800a/h.
Positive Plate: The tubular construction incorporates low antimony lead alloy spines in complete contact with the active material, which is retained by an outer gauntlet. This enables the electrolyte to penetrate freely, ensuring a high power output per unit volume.
Negative Plate: The negative plate is composed of a highly porous paste on a lead alloy grid. This complements the positive plate construction, providing a balanced performance and superior life.

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Both sealed/Gel/Lithium and vented cap styles are available in all sizes for your application

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