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We know everything about generators!  
The best generator size and type for your application - for a back up if the power goes out, for your off grid power system, or especially for industrial applications, we can advise the perfect generator for your needs. Current Generation offer a full design and installation service.   For more information

wind solar alternative energyMAKING YOUR OWN POWER - ALTERNATIVE ENERGY

Solar, Wind, or Water, there is so much to learn about the way to make alternative energy, we want to tell you everything!
Check out our FAQ's page.  If you can't find the information you are looking for OR if you want to talk to a real person, just contact us.  


If you are considering adding batteries to a new or existing solar system, but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place.
Batteries are becoming more cost effective over time, and in 2017 energy storage can make financial sense for some solar owners.
But they are a big investment, so make sure you understand the basics before parting with your cash.
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Current Generation has been an agent for Kutai generator support products for 10 years, Kutai have proven to be a reliable & quality after market product.
KUTAI Electronics is a Taiwanese company, established in 1977 and specialises in the design and manufacturing of genset support products
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Solar power just makes sense.  In the last 10 years the price of Solar PV (photovoltaics) has come down by 70% making it a financially viable way of making your own power.
After more than 50 years of refinement and use in space as well as large-scale "solar farms", solar power is ready for mainstream use like never before. 
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What is an inverter?
This is an important part of your solar system, it takes the power that is made by your solar panels and transforms it to work in your house.
There are lots of quality brand inverters on the market and basically 2 different types: string inverters (all your panels go through one inverter), or micro inverters (one small inverter on each solar panel). There are advantages to both inverters depending on your site.
If you want to learn more about inverters, give us a call.
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