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Current Generation specialise in the design and installation of quality, grid-tied solar, battery and off-grid solar systems. We customise a solution to meet your needs.

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BYD has developed market leading battery storage solutions suitable for any application. The modular low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) lines provide unparalleled flexibility for any residential or commercial purpose.

Powering your home with self-made energy

Solar can provide you with many different benefits

  • Lowering or eliminating your power bills by taking advantage of a free, limitless and zero impact resource
  • Futureproofing yourself against power price rises
  • Selling power back to the grid to make money
  • Entering into a power-sharing scheme with your neighbours or community
  • Protecting yourself with back-up generation and storage for those times the grid isn’t there – there are many tales of homes with solar and battery having power security in the aftermath of Cyclone Gabriel
  • Or you want to be off-grid, either because you want to be self-sufficient, or because it isn’t economical to have a grid connection.

Solar panels can be installed on your roof or on a spare piece of land (“ground mount”).

If you are going to remain connected to the national power grid (“grid tied”), you will have the ability to use the solar power when it is available, or seamlessly power your home from the grid when it isn’t. In addition, you can sell the excess power you generate back the national grid via your power retailer.

You will need an area out of the weather and typically close to your switchboard for the inverter(s) and batteries (should you be looking for storage) to be installed. Inverters are the device that turn the direct current (DC) produced by your solar panels into the alternating current (AC) you use in your house or business.

Our Process

Current Generation will work with you to design your bespoke alternative energy system delivering your power needs. From our free consultation, our comprehensive design and installation process, to our aftersales support, we are with you throughout the life of your future certain energy system.

Initial call

One of our technical design team will have a call with you to understand what you are trying to achieve and talk you through the process and high-level options.

Site visit

Wherever practical, we will undertake a site visit, where we do a thorough assessment of your property and needs


With this information we will design a bespoke system using our deep product knowledge (all the brands we use, we’ve been installing for at least seven years), technical expertise and cutting edge tools.


We will send you a proposal for you to consider, should you have any follow-up queries, we’ll be available to answer your questions


Should you wish to go ahead, we’ll manage the application to your lines company, should this be required, and keep you updated as to when your installation will happen. Installation typically takes 2-4 days, although bigger systems may take longer (or we may need to install in stages to work in with other construction work).


We’ll run you through the system to make sure you understand it, organise any inspections and meter changes required, support you through any discussions with you power retailer and be available for queries anytime


We were confused about making a decision on buying a grid-tie solar system. After talking to a few different companies we felt like we were talking to sales people, we went to Current Generation and spoke to Arny and the boys, they spent time explaining the choices and returns, they answered all our questions making the whole process pretty easy. Current Generation are friendly and professional, our solar system is performing better than we expected.

Micheal Burnside, Nelson

The team at Current Generation know their stuff! A rather complex 3 phase installation including a large solar array, battery storage and EV charging was installed in a new \"all electric\" home in Richmond. Mike, Lee and Luke are a credit to the renewable energy industry. I would have no hesitation in recommending Current Generation for your own project. Quality workmanship and the best equipment!

Greg Burghardt, Richmond

We live off-grid in the Bay of Plenty and I have used Current Generation on two occasions to upgrade my system. First, from 24V lead acid to 15kW 48V Li-ion as well as additional solar panels and a supplemental Fronius inverter. Second, to add another BYD battery to give 30kW storage, to install a Victron EV charger, and to wire up a replacement generator on my Lister-Petter backup genset. I have found Arny and has team to be competent and friendly and a pleasure to work with once I was able to get them on site.

Dorian Garrick, Bay of Plenty

Sold to us by the people who actually installed it rather than sales people. Excellent service and high quality installation.

Nick Fisher

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