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From time to time we clear stock that we have in our warehouse to keep it fresh.  
Unless specified all stock that is on sale will carry all our normal warranty conditions.  

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Off Grid Inverter Charger
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Off Grid Inverter Charger

Victron Inverters and Inverter Charger Special
Victron Energy have manufactured inverters and Inverter/chargers for 40 Years now 
The Company original owner still is active in the company and being privately owned it have a unique position of being directly in touch with it global customers 
purchase Victron inverters Inverter Chargers with confidence 
Standard Warranty is 5 Years on all Inverters and INV/CHRS
AC coupling DC coupling self consumption Load shedding Generator auto start   3 phase  and  parallel capable
Can be used with Lithium Battery's Gel battery Wet lead acid VRLA battery's 
Click here for White paper on Multiplus and Quarto functions 

inverterPhoenix Inverter Compact 12 1600 right 300dpi jpg-632dc to dc  70 ampBlueSolar charger MPPT 150V 85A front small image-153SCC010050200 BlueSolar MPPT 100-50 top-949
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Phone 0800202700 or 035478369  Cell Phone 0272027005


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