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OutBack inverter/chargers are the next generation in advanced power management. Each is a DC to AC sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch housed within a tough die-cast aluminum chassis.

Just like the local utility grid, the inverter produces true sinewave AC electricity for your stand-alone or back-up power needs. Computers, TVs and pumps are just some of the examples of modern electronics that last longer and run better when powered with true sinewave electricity from an OutBack inverter. Starting up your well pump is worry-free because of our high surge power capability.

Solar. Wind. Hydro. Generator. No matter what your energy source OutBack's products are engineered to provide your home or business with reliable electricity day-in and day-out. The OutBack modular system architecture allows your system to grow along with your power needs up to 36,000 watts. 
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VFX Series 2600-3000 Watts
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VFX Series 2600-3000 Watts

VFX Series 2600-3000 Watts, 12, 24, 48V

The VFX series uses a vented
chassis with “bug proof” screened openings that allow high
output AC power in the hottest of operating conditions.
  • Sinewave Output
  • Intelligent Battery Charging
  • Modular System Architecture
  • High Operating Efficiency
  • "Bug proof chasis"
  • Corrosion resistant internal
  • Field serviceable
  • Integrated network communications
  • Standard 2 year warranty
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FX Series 2000-2300 Watts

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