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SimpliPhi, Selectronic and Schneider side-by-side in one of Melbourne’s most impressive renewable power installs.

Working with renewable energy experts, the owners of the property merged the emotional with the practical when developing this project. They were determined to create a complete renewable system that would help protect the planet’s future, plus help them be as sustainable as possible throughout the entire year.

On being provided with the various options for their system, the home-owners chose the “Rolls Royce” design which has the ability to deliver 50-55 kwh per day.
Using data from the clients most recent electricity bill, a solar system was designed to generate 140% of the average daily energy consumed by the household. As the majority of the energy use occurred outside of daylight hours, a lithium ion battery system was installed in garage to make the energy collected during the day available for consumption during the night. 

Sitting on the roof of this outstanding architecturally designed home are 48 x 315 watt LG Neon PV Array panels. The system consists of :
  • 48 x 315 watt LG Neon PV Array panels
  • 8 x Simpliphi Lithium batteries (528Ah Ah @ 48 VDC)
  • 1 x 5kW ABB single phase inverter
  • 1 x 7.5kW Selectronic SP Pro inverter charger
  • 2 x 60 Ah Schneider maximum power point trackers
The system is designed with AC and DC couplings and 5kW of the 15kW PV array is connected to a grid-tied inverter, so any excess energy can be exported.

Safe, simple, scalable. Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) is the safest, most environmentally benign lithium chemistry. So not only are SimpliPhi batteries simple to install and easily scalable, they are incredible safe.

The 26.9kW lithium battery bank will be set to 90% depth of discharge providing 24.2kWh of available energy storage when required. Based on averages, this system will create power independence for the property, based on an 50kW/h daily load.

And the perfect partner for a SimpliPhi battery is the Selectronic SP PRO – the multi-mode inverter which controls and manages every aspect of your energy needs. World-renowned Selectronic inverters offer outstanding reliability, ultimate flexibility, retro-fit capability and a 10-year warranty.

Since installation, the home owners have reduced their average power bill from $530 to $47 per quarter. In some instances they have received a power credit by feeding excess electricity back into the grid. They can also monitor their family’s usage using the app and receive email notifications when they are close to consuming all the available power in this battery system.

“We’re extremely happy with system we’ve chosen,”
“We’ve secured independence from the grid as well as a back-up power source. I’m sure we’ll see a significant drop in our ongoing power costs, but it was big picture we had in mind when developing this project. We’ve invested in this system for the long term. Not just for the long term benefit to the environment, but also for the value of our property over the long term.”
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