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BYD Creates New Age Agricultural Centre 01/17/2018

New energy technology company BYD has unveiled plans to construct an agricultural centre in the Middle East, a move that will see the use of renewable energy technology in this water scarce region. The announcement was made at Abu Dhabi’s 11th World Future Energy Summit (WFES), an annual trade show featuring the latest in sustainable energy practices.

The centre, that also includes a greenhouse and the ability to make animal feed, is being proposed as part of a business cooperation. It will include cultivating seeds that have been exposed to space technology because these special seeds are able to tolerate high temperatures and require little water. Soil that will be imported from neighbouring countries will be fed with fertilizer while highly efficient irrigation systems will ensure the smart use of desalinated water.

Facilities at the centre will be powered by BYD’s matured “Fully Sustainable Power Solutions”, an integration of solar power generation with state-of-the-art battery energy storage system, which both provided by the company. This set-up will ensure an inexpensive and stable power supply.

BYD’s proposed centre could potentially assist the countries in the Middle East region in farming more agricultural product domestically, as the majority of food in these countries is currently imported.

“In the 25-year warranty, we can guarantee zero degradation on the storage capacity for the energy storage system,” said Tom Zhao, Managing Director of BYD Solar Division, “This technological advancement makes our project environmentally friendly and helps keep it sustainable in the long run.”

At the WFES, BYD also announced a Memorandum of Understanding with Power China Guizhou Engineering Co. Ltd. to expend its “Fully Sustainable Power Solutions” to other markets in the world. Power China is the world’s biggest electrical engineering company.
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