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wind turbine pinnaclePinnacle wind turbines include both downwind and upwind series that are capable of generating clean power even at low wind speeds. Small wind turbines can be ideal power generators whether grid connected or off-grid. In remote rural areas or islands, Pinnacle turbines are a practical, cost-effective power solution and are often used at weather stations, base transceiver stations or television transmission towers.
Pinnacle is committed to producing wind turbines with the highest standards of safety and quality.
Pinnacle looks to build strong partnerships with the ambition to take a place amongst the top three small wind turbine manufacturers worldwide. Pinnacle is proud to contribute to the development of an alternative to fossil fuels.

The Caravel 2.5 (model FD3.5-2.5/12) is also a downwind horizontal axis wind turbine, with rated power of 2.5kw. It shares many of the characteristics of the smaller Caravel 500 including its simple mechanism and reliable operation. Its doubly-fed permanent magnet generator has high start torque, high efficiency, simple integral construction with easy processing and maintenance.

The Frigate 7.5 (model FD6-7.5/11) is an upwind horizontal axis wind turbine with rated power of 7.5kw. The Frigate 7.5 is independently run by a mechanical, centrifugal, direct-driving, pitch-changing speed control system. Its operation mode is AC-DC-AC (AC 2generation - DC storage - AC supply) and it can supply customers with 220V 50HZ AC. It can also be used in a grid-connected system.

The Frigate 10 (model FD7-10/11) is an upwind horizontal axis wind-turbine with rated power of 10kw. Except for its higher power rating, it is similar to the Frigate 7.5.
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