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ENASOLAR is one cool inverter

  • Built-in Wi-Fi as standard for web based.  PV system monitoring & reporting.  Optional Ethernet version available.
  • Integrated lockable DC and AC isolating switches.
  • Wide operating voltage range starting at 120V, allowing you to install with minimal panel array for the budget conscious.
  • Lightest weight inverters in our range start at just 14kg.
  • 5 year warranty included as standard.
  • Easy upgrade path to higher power models by changing only the Inverter Module, re-using the existing Wall Mount and Display Module.
  • Front mounted heat sink allows more airflow, easy care and cleaning.
Enasolar factoryBased in Christchurch, New Zealand EnaSolar is a wholly owned and operated solar division of Enatel Limited.

Enatel started out providing contracting manufacturing solutions to the electronics industry in Christchurch, producing only a modest range of products to a high quality standard at competitive prices.

With the expertise and experience of the design and management teams Enatel are now able to produce a wide range of products and have become one of the key providers of standby DC power solutions to the global market.

The EnaSolar product range continues to reflect Enatel's high standards and over 25 years experience in the telecommunications market. Enatel's design team once again have put together a remarkable product range in the EnaSolar 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.8kW and 4.0 & 5.0kW dual MPPT grid tied solar inverters.

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